At Camp Coconuts, we’re big fans of outdoor play and you can find us in the garden in all weathers. The children’s experiences and enjoyment are important to us, and we love having fun in the sun, but safety comes first!

Here’s how we make sure the children in our care are cool and protected, following the Sun Safe Nurseries guidance:-

  • Slip on a t shirt! We advise that children wear loose fitting clothes that cover their shoulders.
  • Slop on suncream! We use a suncream with a 5* UVA rating, at least factor 30. Children are encouraged when they’re old enough to independently apply their own suncream, but they’re always supported by a grown up to ensure full coverage.
  • Slap on a hat! We advise a wide brimmed hat as opposed to a baseball cap to provide the most protection.
  • Shade from the sun! We have shaded areas available in our gardens, and we avoid the intense midday sun on particular warm days.

Hydration is key as the temperatures rise, and we have water available to the children through the day as well as at meal and snack times to ensure we’re all drinking enough.

We’re pleased to have gained the Sun Safe Nurseries accreditation for the third year – a demonstration of our commitment to keeping us all safe in the sun!

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